Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vendette and Chantal thomas? Washing machine with lingerie feeling?

Chantal thomass, famous lingerie brand, decided to do unusual collaboration and far beyond anyone can image.

Chantal Thomass decided to colaborate with Vendette, a french washing machine company to create "dessus-dessous" (above-under) which limited only for 300 machines.


Are there enough for all fashionista or they should bloody hell fight for this "dessus-dessous"?

Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

gandhi in a box makes me thinks outofabox

wow... i've just found this beautiful reality from craftzine blog. Somebody actually sculpture something from carton. I mean #D things like people? what a crazy world.
This people was obsessed with his character in 'second world' interactive online games, Gandhi. Dealing with his obsession, he actually sculpted 2 meters [or more] high gandhi. Can you imagine???


That's how i realized that there's no limitation on anything. We made the limit by ourself. We afraid, not sure, don't know, lazy, etc but making a beautiful excuses "It's impossible".

The only one i have to deal with is my point of view. Point of view is important, in Fashion it's who you are. In real life it's your map. So if you feel your life sucks, just change your point of view and starting enjoying life. ^^

Point of view is no judgement.

People always think that the good things is blah blah blah. Better to be blah blah blah. People is judgmental.
If i always follow people's judgement, i'll fall far from my life.
SO from now on, i decided to change my point of view and be out of the box,



Saturday, October 18, 2008

parka's everywhere

Last semester i made this project. I designed parka... And for the requirement it must be denim.
It's for Spring summer 2010 ,


then i choose sunny park outbound as the mood and influenced by picasso stenograph about nature and animal.
so, this is the mood board. The story is about very active woman, going to the nature to enjoying the sunshine. To enjoy very beautiful day in spring-summer. She's playful, full of excitement and energy.

Then my 'playful' colour and fabric

Actually i made some print design from the picasso stenograph, and played a little bit with the material.

There're 10 final parkas

In this project, i need to choose one design and make it, so i choose this one.

And this is the final garment (eventhough i should learn more on how to sew perfectly]

Fiiuuuhhh... finally this long project finished.
IF i remembered how i worked on the garment, it was very tired.

But i'm proud of what i've made. Eventhough i think that i should learn more on fashion drawing. ^^

Saturday, October 11, 2008

'it' presentation?


it's harder and harder to survive in this competitive field. It's like cast away story in the city full oF human.

It's one important word that people always forget.
Why important? because world is all about it.

STOP! don't start to think negative first. competition isn't always negative, competition is one good thing which save the world. Competition can push people to think out of the box. Only sometimes the road of it can be dirty.

Why i'm talking about competition now? that's because i Found out DORITOS *my fave snack * changed its packaging.
It's very simple things, but it's one evidence that we have to prove that nowadays is all about competition.

This is the way i think, Doritos is only snack and delicious. Why the company must think even further and take a risk to change the product image even i'll still buy the product because its quality. The product isn't change, the market isn't change, only the market share is changing. Which means the competition is more.

That give me some consideration. Small things like doritos, think about their image. How about the fashion business where image is everything? We're all know the answer already.


this is one important section in competition. This is your weapon in your war. Good presentation is good communication. Good presentation isn't only about some image or good looking things. It's further on mind. It's about how to change the way people thinking, how to communicate your idea to somebody who doesn't know about anything and make them think it's briliant!
Back to image and pshycological image.

so i'm giving more thinking on presentation on my project.

My design class teacher, Marie, give me some good example of design presentation for kenzo.

This is the mood and colour board.

This is the details and fabric board.

this is the fashion drawing and flat drawing with accesories and fabric detail.

This is also.

*sorry if the picture isn't clear*

But it's only one example, if u're gonna do some nice presentation just think how to communicate ur idea.

Simple but extremely hard.


Friday, October 10, 2008

fabric strip into detail

actually, i was gonna write this topic yesterday... but my head is a big mess yesterday. 

On Tuesday morning, i had Drapping-Pattern making class with this sweet amazing american women called Nina. She brought some candy from vermont for the whole class on thursday, can you believe it? 

Ok the candy part isn't important, but she is first teacher that makes me realized how drapping actually works in garment construction. 

i came late on tuesday, and i miss the introduction part. When i came, she'd already ask the whole class to start drapping. After fast introduction, she told me to being crazy and drap everything i like... the key word is only "bias".

So i started to think about what i was going to do. 



i tried to draw something on my sketch book [ *designing* in second] .


Finally i gave up, i just took the muslin, cut it into 40 wide long, and start to drape something strapless sweet heart neckline on bias, when i was draping around, one idea came along "chic"
so i decided to make wide waistband. and now i got some problem again..

what kind of waistband by the way?

just around 5 minutes thinking, a light from heaven came to me [*thanks GOD*] through nina...
she said, it's too hard to drape something and manipulate the fabric in the dress form, because your fabric is stiff, so u can manipulate it first then put it onto dress form and just draw the line around.

*o m g i'm gonna cryyyy ~hiperbol mode : ON~

i manipulate my fabric after that announcement, i played with pleating, pleated here, pleated there, and my fabric turn into trash *can be a song just repeat it 2x or 3x* 


i looked around and everybody was working.

So, i decided to iron my fabric and start to make pleats again, then i got the idea to pleat unevenly. I tried, and it came up looked like SEBASTIAN GUNAWAN art deco collection which is very cool and i always tries to figure out how to make this kind of detail.


After that i made the skirt, just a simple A line skirt played a lil bit with pleats.

I had my dress.

But when i see it, it's just another ordinary dress, nothing special.

and i start to do some trial again, 

i cut one fabric 10 cm wide and *eng ing eng* fold it  and iron it.

i mean  to put it on the hem line,  but when i tried it, it didn't look good.

so i iron it again and try to fold the strip, and it came up really good and give me an idea to put it at the top.

After that, proudly present.....


my dress!!

i'm gonna update it with the real garment later ^^...still thinking bout the colour.

What i've learned from this lesson is, why designer drap? oh because you can do some experiment and easier than just imagine and draw it. There 're unlimited posibilities how fabrics works.

ah, i love designing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

elevator art

In shanghai, i go to SIF church... and week after week, i've already found this beautiful pattern on the elevator door.
i've discovered that every simple things in my daily life can be some inspiration for me, if i want to open my eyes wider and aware on everything around me.
Every time i went to the church, i always [for second] look through my self in the elevator mirror. Checking on my self [you know girl lahr...] , but i never realized that there's that beautiful pattern in the elevator door. weird huh...? ahahaha ^^. it's just sometimes we 're too busy to think about ourself but forget to be aware of the situation around us.

just a simple things...isn't big as picasso art, but can be big as elevator art, just depending on the way we thinking.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Divas

Tonite i'm going to finish my research for my "evening thirties project"...
It's all about 1930's glamour, i'm mad about hourglass shape, and bias cut dress which fit onto the bodice like wet cloth.
For colour and mood inspiration mostly from evening sky, it's very soft but on the other way is very strong. It's like thirties woman. They're looked soft but there're a lot 'Diva' at the moment. The colour hue around magenta, purple and blue.
I cacthed that the mood is about strong and soft combined together so i'm gonna combine soft fabric with strong and bold fabric...
The detail is all about bow ribbon, bow tie everything that made into bow.
another refrences is Viktor and rolf spring 2005 which about their parfume 'Flower Bomb'