Saturday, October 11, 2008

'it' presentation?


it's harder and harder to survive in this competitive field. It's like cast away story in the city full oF human.

It's one important word that people always forget.
Why important? because world is all about it.

STOP! don't start to think negative first. competition isn't always negative, competition is one good thing which save the world. Competition can push people to think out of the box. Only sometimes the road of it can be dirty.

Why i'm talking about competition now? that's because i Found out DORITOS *my fave snack * changed its packaging.
It's very simple things, but it's one evidence that we have to prove that nowadays is all about competition.

This is the way i think, Doritos is only snack and delicious. Why the company must think even further and take a risk to change the product image even i'll still buy the product because its quality. The product isn't change, the market isn't change, only the market share is changing. Which means the competition is more.

That give me some consideration. Small things like doritos, think about their image. How about the fashion business where image is everything? We're all know the answer already.


this is one important section in competition. This is your weapon in your war. Good presentation is good communication. Good presentation isn't only about some image or good looking things. It's further on mind. It's about how to change the way people thinking, how to communicate your idea to somebody who doesn't know about anything and make them think it's briliant!
Back to image and pshycological image.

so i'm giving more thinking on presentation on my project.

My design class teacher, Marie, give me some good example of design presentation for kenzo.

This is the mood and colour board.

This is the details and fabric board.

this is the fashion drawing and flat drawing with accesories and fabric detail.

This is also.

*sorry if the picture isn't clear*

But it's only one example, if u're gonna do some nice presentation just think how to communicate ur idea.

Simple but extremely hard.


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