Wednesday, October 29, 2008

gandhi in a box makes me thinks outofabox

wow... i've just found this beautiful reality from craftzine blog. Somebody actually sculpture something from carton. I mean #D things like people? what a crazy world.
This people was obsessed with his character in 'second world' interactive online games, Gandhi. Dealing with his obsession, he actually sculpted 2 meters [or more] high gandhi. Can you imagine???


That's how i realized that there's no limitation on anything. We made the limit by ourself. We afraid, not sure, don't know, lazy, etc but making a beautiful excuses "It's impossible".

The only one i have to deal with is my point of view. Point of view is important, in Fashion it's who you are. In real life it's your map. So if you feel your life sucks, just change your point of view and starting enjoying life. ^^

Point of view is no judgement.

People always think that the good things is blah blah blah. Better to be blah blah blah. People is judgmental.
If i always follow people's judgement, i'll fall far from my life.
SO from now on, i decided to change my point of view and be out of the box,



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Jin said...

jiayou sasa!~ i think u will be a famous fashion designer soon. n ur words also encourage me ^^ -sweet karen hahahah